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Redolent Remnants

Redolent Remnants

A second more devoid of thought,
a second more of lungs pulled taut,
a moment more to wait and pause,
and weigh in breath effect and cause,

and laws that tear down stores of sense Continue reading “Redolent Remnants”

‘When quiet, still, and lifelessly in thought’

I’ve decided, recently, to re-digitalise the poetry I wrote while at Oxford – or, at least, some of it.

During the summer after my first year, inspired by a frenzied post-Prelims reading of Pablo Neruda’s sonnets in translation, I decided to try and start writing in the form myself. I typically prefer writing in form. All but one of the finished poems I’ve written since coming up in 2012 use pretty strict form in one way or another, and at some point over the upcoming days I think I want to try and justify writing in form during a period that seems to prefer the formless. Continue reading “‘When quiet, still, and lifelessly in thought’”

On Visions, and Revisions

The following poem is the only one I’ve written in the last year, and was published as part of A Gallery/16, the annual collection of poetry and art published by my alma mater, St Edmund Hall. The theme of the collection was ‘draft’, and I really wanted to play around with the idea – write two poems, each the same until the volta, after which point the poems would change in content, and, consequently, tone. In the collection, the poems would have ideally sat side-by-side, articulating two conflicting moods and outcomes – while giving the reader no opportunity to choose between them.

Continue reading “On Visions, and Revisions”

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